Pronunciation: IPA: /ˌɑː.dʒənˈtiː.nə/ ˌɑː.dʒənˈtiː.nə ˌɑɹ.dʒənˈti.nə /ˌɑɹ.dʒənˈti.nə/ , SAMPA: %Ar.dZ@n"ti.n@ /%A:.dZ@n"ti:.n@/ /%Ar.dZ@n"ti.n@/ %A:.dZ@n"ti:.n@  

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  • Argentina   
    (Proper noun  )
    de donde eres?
    Argentine Republic
    A country in South America, with capital Buenos Aires.
    Argentine Republic
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  • indonesia   

Other meanings:

A country in South America, called officially The Argentine Republic. Capital: Buenos Aires.
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Watching TV that morning I realized that Hong Kong and Argentina are on opposite sides of the worldMenonton TV pagi itu aku sadar bahwa Hong Kong dan Argentina berada di sisi berlawanan dunia
December' s very hot in ArgentinaDesember sangat panas di Argentina
It' s hard to find work in ArgentinaSulit untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan di Argentina
We hit the road and ended up in ArgentinaKami langsung jalan dan berakhir di Argentina
When we got to Argentina, we had no idea where to goKetika kami sampai ke Argentina, kami tidak tahu ke mana harus pergi
Before I left ArgentinaSebelum aku meninggalkan Argentina
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