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  • Taiwan   
    (Proper noun, Noun  )
    East Asian country
    A partially recognised state in East Asia which governs a number of islands claimed by the People's Republic of China, including the island of Taiwan.
    East Asian country
    Formosa, Argentina
    East Asian country
  • Formosa   
    (Noun  )
    Formosa, Argentina
  • 你可以奪走我的生命 但永遠無法桎梏我的靈魂 嗜血洛汗期待與您共創輝煌 客服聯繫方式:   
    你可以奪走我的生命 但永遠無法桎梏我的靈魂 嗜血洛汗期待與您共創輝煌 客服聯繫方式: 你可以奪走我的生命 但永遠無法桎梏我的靈魂 嗜血洛汗期待與您共創輝煌 客服聯繫方式:
  • Cina   
    (Noun  )
  • Republik China   
  • Republik Cina   
  • Republik Tiongkok   
    (Noun  )

Other meanings:

Common name for a country in East Asia. Official name: Republic of China, Its de facto capital is Taipei.
East Asian island
An island off the coast of mainland China, also known as Formosa since 16th century.

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capital of Taiwan
Kota Taipei; Taipeh; Taipei

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en The one in red... is Gao, the Taiwan gang' s leader
id Orang yang berbaju merah itu...Dia adalah Gao, pemimpin kelompok Taiwan
en You haven' t been to Taiwan?
id Anda belum pernah ke Taiwan?
en Jie' s being held by the Taiwan gang!
id Jie ditahan kelompok Taiwan!
en I am from Taiwan
id Mereka dari lantai atas
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